1) Ownership Flat / Shop Agreement for Sale / Sale Agreements.

2) Development Agreement in between Land Owner and Developer.

3) Re-Development Agreement between Society and Developer.

4) Power of Attorney in between Land Owner and Developer.

5) Power of Attorney in between Society and Developer.

6) Allotment Agreement with Land owner.

7) Release Deed.

8) Gift Deed.

9) Power of Attorney…General…or Specific any kind.

10) Family Arrangement / Settlement Deed.

11) Affidavit of any Kind.

12) Indemnity Bond as per Bye Law of the Society as per need.

13) Declaration or Confirmation Deed.

14) Land Conveyance Deed in between Land Owner, Builder and Society.

15) Leave and License Agreement for 11 months or 33 months.

16) Any type of Agreement / Contract as per Need.


Stamp duty Valuation done and Agreements are also been Registered through Us.