1) Monthly / Quarterly Computerized Members Contribution Bills.

2) Monthly Computerized  Receipts for money received from Members.

3) Monthly Members Collection Statement.

4) Monthly Members Receipt Statement.

5) Monthly Members Out Standing Statement.

6) Generation of  Cash Book,  Bank Book

7) Generation of Members  Ledger.

8) Generation of General Ledger.

9)  Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure, Receipts & Payments, Balance Sheet.

10) Finalization of Accounts at the end of  Year.

11) Other rectification of  errors as per  need.

Bank : Cheque will be banked once/twice in a Month by the Society or by Us and Pass Book Is updated and send to us all  details of deposits for  billing every Month.

Bills & Receipts : Bills and Receipts are been delivered to your Office or Your Office bearer shall collect from  our office before 10th of every month.

Final Accounts : Finalization is done In the month of April and May. The Society is oblige to provide cash and cheque payment Expenses Vouchers every after end of Month.

Rates for Billing and Accounting shall be  Per Member Month.