DEEMED CONVEYANCE Of Land in favour of Co-op. Housing Society

1) When the Builder and Developer is not giving conveyance of land in favour of the Society then the Society goes for Deemed Conveyance sided Conveyance.

2) Dist. Dy. Registrar of Co-op. Society is the Authority for Deemed Conveyance.

3) Following are the Documentation for Deemed Conveyance.

A) Application form No.7 U/s.11(3) of M.O.F.Act. 1963.

Court fee stamp Rs.2,000/- to be affixed to the Application.

Verification is to be notarized.

B) Copy of Society Registration Certificate.

M.C. Resolution to file Case against Land Lord and Developer.

C) Copy of Agreement for Flat Sale which is registered.

Name and Address of Land Owner and Developer., Lay out of Land.

Copy of Development Agreement and Title Certificate and Search Report.

D) Land Revenue Record Copy and 6-Form copy (Pher Phar Utara)

E) N.A. Order Copy

F) Present Flat Occupier List..Flat No., Name of Flat Purchaser, Area, M.Value,

Agreement Value, S.D.Paid, Agreement Reg. No. Date, Reg. Fee.

G) Index of Flat Owner or Stamp Duty Paid Proof.

H) O.C. Issued By Local Authority.

I) Architect certificate of Land Area and Balance FSI.

J) Land Deed/ Conveyance Draft.