(Diploma In Co-op. Housing Society Accounting & Management)

  1. This is a Practice of Co-operative Housing Society Accounting,Auditing & Management. After G.D.C.&A. to Practice Accounting, Auditing & Management this Training is must.
  2. Sub:
    1. Co-operative Housing Society establishment and its Jurisdiction.
    2. Billing, Receipt, Practice of Accounts Writing & Final Accounts.(Manual)

      1. Society Charges calculation
      2. Preparation of Bills, Receipts.
      3. Member Collection Register.
      4. Cash Book, Bank Book. Banking.
      5. General Ledger.
      6. Personal / Member Ledger.
      7. Finalization of Accounts. Accounts Report.
    3. Maintenance of all Statutory Records/Registers & Share Certificate Issue.

      1. Share Register.
      2. I-Form Register.
      3. J-Form Register.
      4. Nominee Register.
      5. Sinking Fund Register.
      6. Investment Register.
      7. Dead Stock Register.
      8. Asset/Property Register.
      9. O-Form Register.
      10. Share Certificate Writing.
    4. Practice & Writing of Minutes of General Body and Managing Committee.
      1. First Gen. Body Meeting.
      2. Annual Gen. Meeting.
      3. Special Gen. Meeting.
      4. Monthly Managing Committee Meetings.
  3. Duration of Course : 10- 12 Weeks. Training Programme (Individual).
  4. Coaching Fee : Rs.7,500/-. Practical Book Cost Rs.1,500/-.

    Installment Fee Rs.4,000/- on Admn. Rs.4,000/- within one.
    One month + Practical Book Cost Rs.1,500/-.

  5. Eligibility : Knowledge of Accounts & Book Keeping is must. XIIth,
  6. Classes :Every Sunday Three Hours afternoon 2.30 p.m. to  5.30 p.m.
    From June Every Sunday Three Hours morning 11.a.m to 2.p.m.

(Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the Training Programme)

Note: Above Training is also for Housing Society Managers. We also provide Trained Housing Society Full or Part-Time Managers. Contact Us or Email your requirements.