We make Arrangement of the Audit through Govt. Panel Auditor. Such arrangement is free. You will have to pay Audit Fee to Auditor directly.

1) Co-operative Housing Society auditing is mandatory. Every Year there must be auditing of Accounts Records and Audited Report is to be placed before AGM before 30th September and Return is to be filed to DRCS. Now Appointment of Auditor from Panel of Co-operative Commissioner List is mandatory. Appointment of Auditor must be in AGM of SGM. Our Organization is associated with B-Grade and C-Grade Govt. Panel Auditors from whom you can seek the services of Auditing. Such auditing arrangement will be done at your Society Officer or at out Office where accounts are maintained.

2) Under Co-operative Auditing following job has been done :

Verification and Checking of Accounts Records i.e. Collection Register, Cash Book Bank Book, Pass Book, Member Ledger, General Ledger, T/B, Income & Expenses Statement, Balance Sheet, Other grouping., Statutory Records, Minutes Books and Other relevant Records, Flat Transfer Records.

3) Audit Report comprises.. Audit Report, Audit Remarks, Accounts Report and Audit Memo No. 1 & 28.

4) Audit Report is given to the Society. Now Society is oblige to file Return to DRCS under Sec. 46(b)(1A) of M.C.S.Act. 1960 as amended which is mandatory.

5) Special Report in case of Fraud is submitted to DRCS.